Bed types




Navigating bed types

When shopping for a mattress sleeping posture, injury and muscular damage are crucial points to consider. A bed without the proper support will not help you get quality sleep without pain or injury. Supporting your muscular system is just as important as supporting the skeletal system. Providing the outer frame for the skeletal system, supporting the muscular system needs to be looked at first. Finding a harmonious blend of support for both systems result in a mattress that helps you get a proper night’s sleep with the right kind of support.


Understanding support

Soft, medium and firm bed types have little to do with support. The common misconception that a zoned lumber section provides better support is like saying that your lower back is the only part of you requiring attention. Mattresses support your entire body, not just your lower back. Ideal to purchasing the best mattress for you is understanding your shape and built and what you need to best support this. Be sure to make this clear to your mattress salesperson – you don’t want the fanciest, most expensive mattress, you want one that supports YOU.


Thermal control

Another important factor for getting a good night’s sleep is thermal control. The best way to achieve optimal sleeping body temperatures is to layer yourself and your bed with natural materials like tencel, bamboo, wool or soy foam. These fibres allow your body to efficiently regulate its own temperature and maintain it throughout the night. Reducing the amount of fluctuations in body temperature during sleep results in less waking up and a dramatic improvement of your sleep quality.

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Case Study

Terry Moston’s story

My wife works and so I am the house husband doing the daily housework. When my wife brought home an Ezi-make, my first reaction was ‘why do I need that? I can make the bed OK!’  It looked like a very simple device and my wife encouraged me to try it out as I have a bad back. She said it may make it easier to lift our heavy king mattress, but I didn’t really think it would make any difference.


The Ezi-make was really easy to fit and as I began using it and thought I was right, it makes no difference. ‘Read the instructions!’ my wife said. There I learned that you must use the correct hand in the handle. Well, I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. So easy to lift the mattress and tuck in the sheets and after a bit of practice I could make the bed in no time at all. I didn’t realise it was such a struggle before Ezi-make.


The other great thing about using the Ezi-make is that I have less pain and pressure on my back. Also it makes it very easy to turn the mattress around – each person grabs two handles on one side and easily lifts and turns the mattress. Even my 9 year old grandson helped me do it. I was so impressed I went into the shop to express my gratitude to the inventor, ‘bloody amazing invention!’ I said, and bought 2 more sets for the spare beds.

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Benefits of a good night’s sleep




Getting a good night sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Essential to reducing stress, anxiety and resetting the mind and body, getting a good night’s sleep is paramount in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels. Quality sleep helps reset your body clock, helping you balance hormones and aiding in weight loss.


Why do we need proper sleep?

Results of poor sleep can appear instantly or long term, like a sore neck in the morning to major back problems that last years. Ongoing poor sleep is also linked to heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Affecting how your body reacts to insulin, poor sleep also increases your risk of diabetes. Children deprived of quality sleep also perform poorer than their counterparts. Lack of quality sleep is known to trigger microsleeps, one of the 3 major causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents. While extreme lengths are implemented to combat this in the mining industry, even driving to and from work on poor quality sleep increases your risk of a microsleep.


The difference between lots of sleep and quality sleep

Having 10 hours of sleep doesn’t mean that you’re well-rested. Many people experience having ample sleep but still feeling tired. So, what’s the difference between lots of sleep and quality sleep? Quality sleep consists of support of the whole body, thermoregulation and sleep patterns. Aided by relaxing evening routines, switching technology off and choosing the right mattress for your body type, quality sleep will help you feel healthier, more awake, less stressed and ready to take on the day.

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Spinal Health MSD


Spinal Health MSD

Affecting and limiting your body’s movement, Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) is the largest cause of workplace injury in Australia. Responsible for around 13% of injuries, MSD is caused by repetitive lifting or pushing of heavy equipment or objects too far from your body. In aged and community care, MSD is responsible for around 80% of injuries. Improve your spinal health with assistance from the innovative Ezi-makeTM.



MSD is caused by continual repetition of tasks, forceful exertions and sustained awkward positions that push your body too far. Poor work practices and unsafe lifting techniques are major risk factors that contribute to MSD. Seemingly easy tasks like computer use or moving equipment can increase your risk of MSD.



Studies have shown that even the simple task of daily bed making consists of a detrimental load of unsafe movements and lifting. The Ezi-makeTM assists in easing the pressures putting you at risk of MSD when making a bed. TheEzi-makeTM will help you avoid detrimental movements and injury-causing lifting when it comes to making your bed each day. Making it 6 times easier, the Ezi-makeTM reduces the load on your body and consequently reducing your risk of MSD.
In the workplace, mechanical aids like the Ezi-makeTM help make workplaces a safer environment with reduced risks of MSD-causing situations. Demonstrated by research, lifting and moving technique training is inadequate in preventing injuries and risks in the workplace. Using an engineered solution like the Ezi-makeTM is an ideal way to discourage risky practice and injury.

Take the first step in minimising risks of MSD by investing an Ezi-makeTM, helping you safely complete one of your most common lifting and moving chores.

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