Ezi-make a better way to make your bed

Perfect for residential, accommodation & age care industry.

If you are responsible for making one bed or a lot of beds every day, ezi-make is perfect for you. Ezi-make really is a new fix to an old problem. Ezi-make is safe and compliant with all the latest WHS practices. Ezi-make products are designed to fit every bed. So simply tell us your requirements and order today! Every bed should have an ezi-make

Why you’ll love Ezi-Make

You’re less likely to hurt yourself when using the ezi-make™ and best of all, it fits any bed!

The ezi-make™ is the simplest and easiest way to make your bed – anyone can do it!.

Take the hassle out of making your bed! The ezi-make™ takes just 2 minutes to install!

The most cutting edge aid available for making the bed.
Every Bed should have one!

Has making your bed become a bit of a chore? Is your mattress too heavy for you to handle?

The Ezi-Make is designed to help you lift your mattress safely and comfortably. If that wasn’t enough, it will also save you time! This innovative sleeping solution easily fits any bed, and takes only two minutes to install. Simply order your Ezi-Make today and we will deliver it to you in no time. To find out more about this exciting product have a read below!

What people say

“Thankfully I discovered the Ezi-Make and it has solved the problem. I had a number of questions before embarking on the purchase and found the customer service to be excellent. Thank you!”

Sue D, Hertfordshire, England

I am so pleased with these straps that I am taking a set back to England with us to help me making that bed as well! My husband is as pleased with them as I am as he no longer has to help me!”

Nada, Gillingham, Dorset, UK

I have noticed, that over the past year, with my wife recovering from cancer treatment, using the Ezi-Make proved to be a valuable asset for us. Congratulations on inventing this simple and effective aid.”

Lyn and Narelle, Australia

Convinced yet?

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