Case Study

Terry Moston’s story

My wife works and so I am the house husband doing the daily housework. When my wife brought home an Ezi-make, my first reaction was ‘why do I need that? I can make the bed OK!’  It looked like a very simple device and my wife encouraged me to try it out as I have a bad back. She said it may make it easier to lift our heavy king mattress, but I didn’t really think it would make any difference.


The Ezi-make was really easy to fit and as I began using it and thought I was right, it makes no difference. ‘Read the instructions!’ my wife said. There I learned that you must use the correct hand in the handle. Well, I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. So easy to lift the mattress and tuck in the sheets and after a bit of practice I could make the bed in no time at all. I didn’t realise it was such a struggle before Ezi-make.


The other great thing about using the Ezi-make is that I have less pain and pressure on my back. Also it makes it very easy to turn the mattress around – each person grabs two handles on one side and easily lifts and turns the mattress. Even my 9 year old grandson helped me do it. I was so impressed I went into the shop to express my gratitude to the inventor, ‘bloody amazing invention!’ I said, and bought 2 more sets for the spare beds.

Find out more about changing the way you make your bed. Call 0487 213 250.


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